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Carton sealing machines, commonly known as case sealers, are packaging machines that fold and seal the top lids of your packed cartons.


These machines offer a reliable and efficient way to seal cases after the packaging process.


Case Erectors are case forming machines that automatically form, fold and seal corrugated cartons from flat boxes.


Case erecting systems remove the need for operators to stop packing products to build their cartons.


When a pallet is wrapped by a pallet wrapping machine, the load is protected against dust, moisture, weather conditions and impact damage. Moreover, the contents of the pallet are better protected against theft.


The types of machines that do these operations vary from completely automatic print and apply high production units to simple manual dispensing devices.


Shrink wrap machines apply heat to shrink a plastic film around a product. This process is often done by automated equipment, but manual and semi-automatic shrink wrap machines are also available. Shrink wrap machines cover the item, and then sent it through a heat tunnel or oven for shrinking.

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