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PLF-200/300 Fiber Laser

PLF-200/300 Fiber Laser is a compact size, lower maintenance, no consumables coding system and it provids permanent & high quality codings. The laser is using intelligent vector

PLF-200/300 Fiber Laser


- Up to 1.000 characters per second
- New intelligent control algorithm
- Enhanced anti-EMC design, can ensure stable operation in harsh environment.
- 24 hours working.
- Innovative interact, easy to learn and understand.
- High efficiency cooling design to achieve low maintenance and high life
- Compact with unique design for better integration.
- Small size, can adapt to a variety of installation space.
- Almost unlimited fonts, graphics and bar code
- Permanent identification ensure product can be tracking, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channelization.
- MTBF more than 100,000 hours Non-consumable, cost saving.

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