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Printdate 32c

Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)

Printdate 32c

PRINTDATE 32C is a coding printer with the second generation Thermal Transfer Overprinter technology after PRINTDATE 24, where this printer is a revolution of refinement from the previous generation which has Intermittent and Continues modes in the same printer, meaning that PRINTDATE 32 can be applied to intermittent and continuous packaging machines in its application. .

This printer has a printhead width of 32mm which can print with a printing area of ​​32mm x 50mm, or can print more information that is presented in the printing parameters.

This printer has a speed of UP to 60 meters / minute or the equivalent of 300-400 packs in one minute, and can print up to 300Dpi, the same as the previous generation on PRINTDATE 32 also not only printing coding dates but also printing logos, barcodes, etc.

PRINTDATE 32 is safe to use in inline production because the ink used is a type of Thermal Transfer Ribbon that has been certified food grade, so if there is a possibility of exposure to contamination, it is safe to use within certain limits.

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