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The Barcode Industry

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Barcode Industries - Management and maintenance of the products inventory plays the important roles in benefit of your business industries. Consider the situation when your product is in demand, but you do not have a suitable inventory of products to meet these demands. Therefore, you receive the products and business management inventory in the same place in the success of high quality products and services.

Barcode Industries provide real-time and accurate inventory updates. This allows companies the opportunity to reduce inventory levels and thereby reducing storage costs. It also reduces the time needed to collect data for purposes such as annual inventories resulting in increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

Barcode Industries are a collection of vertical black bars and white spaces of different sizes and shapes. They stores descriptive details such as product name, company name, product prices, quantity and a lot of information that can be read using a simple scanner. It is used widely throughout the world in various industries because of its simplicity and its important role in the commercial management of stockpiles. This barcode industries feature enable faster and more customer service, help in inventory management, increase check out operations.

You can mark barcode logos to your product by barcode machine. PT. Atna Internasional has solution for it. We has compactable barcode machine, PRINTDATE TTO, PRINTJET TIJ, and PRINTFLEX CIJ.

The PRINTDATE ribbon (Thermal Transfer Ribbon) is suitable to print barcode on your product.

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