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Printlase (Printer Laser)

Fiber Laser Marking PES-200

The new PES200/300 Series fiber laser marking systems adopt a new intelligent vector control algorithm, which greatly improves the marking speed. PES Series lasers has smaller size,
lower maintenance, no consumables and provides permanent high-quality coding.
Can be commonly used in food, cosmetics and other industries of flexible packaging,
hard plastic (PE/PP), metal and other materials to print high contrast logo, to ensure the traceability of the product permanently.

LT 80 20F-30F-50F

LT8020F/LT8030F/LT8050F Fiber Laser Marking Printer offers a powerful combination of performance, flexibility and simplicity, delivering high quality marks and satisfying a range of substrates.

LT 8030 C

All aluminum structure , good heat dissipation. Comprehensive dust-proof,sutiable for all kinds of workshop enviroment.

PLC 130/150 CO2

The DC 130/50 All in One CO2 Laser Coding Machine adopts a new intelligent vector control algorithm,the coding speed of it is greatly improved and it is 200% faster than the market standard.Its all-in-one compact structure makes it easier to install.Its permanent and high-contrast coding effect ensures its trace ability which makes it the first choice for anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling systems.

PLF-200/300 Fiber Laser

PLF-200/300 Fiber Laser is a compact size, lower maintenance, no consumables coding system and it provids permanent & high quality codings. The laser is using intelligent vector

PLU500 UV Laser

PLU500 Laser coding machine,using a new intelligent vector control algorithm
marking speed greatly improved. The unique laser control technology can easily mark
the best printing effect on the film material. Com- pact size, low maintenance, no consumbale, to provide permanent high quality coding. Permanent and high contrast marking to ensure product can be tracking, anti-counnterfeiting and anti-channelization.

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