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PLC 130/150 CO2

The DC 130/50 All in One CO2 Laser Coding Machine adopts a new intelligent vector control algorithm,the coding speed of it is greatly improved and it is 200% faster than the market standard.Its all-in-one compact structure makes it easier to install.Its permanent and high-contrast coding effect ensures its trace ability which makes it the first choice for anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling systems.

PLC 130/150 CO2


- Patented Technologies.
- Fast frequency, Lower power consumption.
- Up to 1500 characters/second.
- New intelligent control algorithm.
- Unique design for better integration.
- Anti-electromagenetic interference design.
- 24 hours of continuous operation, MTBF more than 50,000 hours.
- Print on film, plastic, glass, leather and other materials.
- Non-consumable, perma-nent identification.
- One-button startup reduces daily misoperation.
- Automatically jump to the running mode after stratup.
- Friendly user interface, more convenient operation.

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