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Fiber Laser Marking PES-200

The new PES200/300 Series fiber laser marking systems adopt a new intelligent vector control algorithm, which greatly improves the marking speed. PES Series lasers has smaller size,
lower maintenance, no consumables and provides permanent high-quality coding.
Can be commonly used in food, cosmetics and other industries of flexible packaging,
hard plastic (PE/PP), metal and other materials to print high contrast logo, to ensure the traceability of the product permanently.

Fiber Laser Marking PES-200


Marking Performance:
*Faster marking speed, up to 700 characters/s, 200m/min.
*The new intelligent
control algorithm provides high quality marking technology.
*Enhanced anti-electromagnetic design ensures stable operation in harsh environment.

Simple Operation:
*Control the laser through a range easy-to-use interfaces, reducing the risk of product rework and recalls.
*Innovative interface is easy to learn and easy to understand, more convenient and fast operation.
*Red light locating is standard equipped.
*One bottom on/off.

Easily Integration:
*Compact independent design, can be better integrated into various application with smallest fiber laser marking head on the market.
*Lasers with different powers outputs meet all requirements from different industries.
*Unlimited fonts, graphics and bar code applications.

High stability:
*laser source lifetime MTBF: 100000hours.
*Designed for the needs of a 24/7 production.
*Operating environments: -6~45°C.
* IP55 rating – ready for harsh production

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